Twitch Partnership Terms

Updated: Feb 28

Hey all,

Here is how Astrocat will make some money on this partnership!

Astrocat will receive a referral bonus for any sub that comes from Astrocat. If you sub, say something about Astrocat in chat after and Astrocat will get a cut of the money! Same for donations. If you have a twitch prime, go send it his way! We'll re-discuss this policy with him in a month and see where we're at!

There will be a merch collaboration on the Astrocat website, featuring Kman/Astrocat merch! TheKmanLol doesn't have a merch store so any of his viewers that want merch are sure to check out the Astrocat collaboration!

There will be a reward for proof of adding Astrocat to your wallet and for following TheKmanLol. The reward will be ~$5 of Astrocat and a Kman NFT.

We'll be collaborating with TheKmanLol to make some cool NFT's!

We're looking at sponsoring one of his monthly tournaments! We'll give out Astrocat to anyone who participates in the tournament (League of Legends). We're hoping this and the $5 reward mentioned above will get us new members from his community!

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