AstrocatASA Update, 03/25/2022

Hey everyone,

In today's update I wanted to discuss a plan of ours to open an Etsy store. We've brought it up in the past and, while we are working on the game, we think it's the right time to go back to those plans.

Since the last time we'd mentioned it, we've gained a larger following as well as gotten a few new designs that we can use for different products.

Profits from the store will go towards both bolstering liquidity as well as being used to distribute through staking to Astrocat holders. Any products that use a design from one of the NFT's we've sold will have a small portion of the profit airdropped to the owner of that NFT.

The target of the store will be more aimed at spreading our brand as well as getting rewards for Astrocat holders and less aimed at getting new people to buy ACAT. If we can get a succsessful brand/community outside of Algorand we can then try to integrate those users into our Algorand community.

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