AstrocatASA Update, 02/17/2022

Algostake: ACAT -> ACAT pool will be decreased to 92% tomorrow. We'll continue to slowly lower the APR.

LP staking is still on the docket for the near future.

NFT's: We'll be releasing some 1/1 NFT's soon. They'll likely be used as graphics in some of our future things, but we'll also mint them as 1/1 NFT's and sell them to fundraise money for things such as LP -> STBL/ALGO staking

Holder/LP provider rewards: The last holder rewards will go out in the next few days. LP rewards will continue to go out. Double rewards for both on the next drop.

Kman: Hoping to increase the collaboration we're doing with Kman soon.

Game/Platform: Initial game is coming along nicely. It's being tested and tweaked currently. Keep in mind this first game will be more of a "test" game to get all of our infrastructures up and running. Once it's up and running we'll develop more in-depth games. Not to say that the first game won't be a complete thing, but just that it is the tip of the iceberg.

The end goal is to have our platform have different games that payout different ASAs with ACAT as the main utility. We'll need this utility to ensure we are long-lasting! This should also make our token the premier token for introducing users to Algorand!

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