AstrocatASA Update, 01/31/2022, Game Edition

Updated: Jan 31

Hey everyone,

For today's update, I'd like to announce that we are currently in the development of a play-to-earn Astrocat game! This initial demo game will let users play to earn a small amount of Astrocat. This will serve as a proof of concept and test launch for a P2E gaming platform we are planning.

After the launch of the initial game, we plan to launch additional play to earn games and develop a platform that will serve as a launchpad for P2E gaming in Algorand, where Astrocat is the utility and other projects are the rewards. We believe this platform will be successful in introducing users to Algorand and provide a resource for other projects to utilize.

While some plans may change, our current initial utility ideas with this platform are:

-NFT's purchasable w/ Astrocat as skins in-game

-Let other projects pay in Astrocat to re-skin a game to their project for a time.

-Let other projects pay in Astrocat to let users earn their token.

-Increased earning multiplier, higher daily limit, and more.

Check out the demo clip (of the demo game) below.

When will this be released?

For the inital demo game, I would expect it to release near the end of Q1 or the start of Q2. From there we'll have a better idea for the full release of the platform.

More details?

More details will come closer to launch, this is just a reveal of something we have in the works!

Other project rewards?

That's the end goal! Astrocat will be the initial rewards for games but as we fully launch we'll be looking for projects interested in being on our platform! As we pick up more projects, ACAT rewards will be lowered and more periodic. This should increase the utility of ACAT and decrease dilution.

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