AstrocatASA Update, 01/20/2022

Hey all,

Here is today's update!

Tinyman: We're back on tinyman! We created the pool and have added all of our Algo back in.

Collaborations: We're doing a little one-time collab with 11Mike10 and we're matching donations that are done to veteran charities for the next few days! We want to do more of these little collaborations so that we can be more well-known in the ASA communities.

Holder and LP provider rewards: 52 million ACAT and 30 LP tokens are the cutoffs. Payout will be 200k for the next few weeks for both. The ACAT holders will also have the 1 million per week lottery. We'll do another update just talking about this a bit more in-depth, but we're starting THIS WEEK with the rewards.

Etsy Store: No change, it's taken a bit of a backseat to the guides and the help service.

Off-chain partnerships: We have big ideas for these off-chain partnerships so we've mainly been talking with projects a lot bigger than us. We've had a lot of positive feedback but the general consensus we've gotten is that we need more utility and we need to be more established. We touch on utility a bit later in the update.

Kman partnership: Kman will have a part in the Infinity NFT contest! We're also still working on rolling on the merch collab.

Bounty Board: Up and running! It should be on our website soon and we should be adding more things as well.

Infinity NFT Contest: Rolling it out this week, more details soon. We'll do a dedicated update on it.

Airdrop for merch: Still ongoing!

Cat Shelters: No changes, has also taken a bit of a back seat to the guides and help service.

Algorand "How to's: We have a few more on our website and will continue to roll them out. We're hoping these will drive traffic to our website and be a huge service to the Algorand community.

ASA Help Service: We now have a page up on our website for it and we've had one taker so far!

Utility: We have a bit of utility with the help service and the merch store backing Astrocat, but we can do better. We NEED to do better. We're talking internally and have some things in the works, we'll announce some plans when we've moved forward with them a bit more and have something to present.

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