AstrocatASA Infinity NFT Event!

Hey Everybody! I'd like to announce the start of our Infinity NFT event! Collect all 6 of the colored Astrocat NFT's to win prizes! See below for the ways to earn each NFT! We're aiming for community engagement with this event so buying of the NFT's will be restricted. More on that below.

Green Astrocat(ID: 465524258): The Green Astrocat was available for a previous event, if you didn't catch the event, you can buy it here:

Yellow Astrocat(ID: 565277061): 200 total supply, earn one by getting enough Kman points (earned by watching his channel) and redeem it on his stream! You may also donate to a cat shelter and share the proof in our discord to earn this (we'll still match the donation as normal).

Kman twitch stream:

Orange Astrocat(ID: 565292802): 100 total supply, post a suggestion in ideas and feedback! Please make it a thought-out suggestion on something you would like to see and explain why you would like to see it. No throw-away suggestions please or you'll have to submit another idea.

Purple Astrocat(ID: 565284135): 50 total supply, get one by making some form of ACAT art! It can be in paint or by hand or however you want to make it, but we need to be able to tell that it's ACAT art! If we can't tell it is ACAT, then you won't get the NFT! Post the art in Astrochat in our discord!

Blue Astrocat(ID: 565289127): 25 total supply, earn one by claiming an Astrocat bounty! The donation bounty is not eligible for this one.

Red Astrocat(ID: 565295857): 10 total supply, one will be given out every few days to a random person with more than 1 LP token and who has at least one of the other NFT's (to ensure it is given to a participant).

Additionally, you can buy any of the above NFT's for some STBL if you don't feel like completing a certain task, however, you can only buy 1 NFT and be eligible to win. This goes for from us or from the open market! If you get all 6 NFT's but you bought more than 1, you won't win! We won't count buying Green Astrocat as buying one, so if you buy GCAT, then you can buy 2. See prices below. To buy send the amount of STBL for the NFT you want to buy to the wallet Z3LEX4NXE7R2TUJDVJD4WYQLCXMBWX66WGDSUJN7PVM6B63YBOJN4X2HIM.

Yellow ACAT: 5 STBL

Orange ACAT: 6 STBL

Purple ACAT: 7 STBL

Blue ACAT: 10 STBL



1st: 10 million ACAT, Exclusive NFT(s)

2nd: 5 million ACAT

3rd: 2 million ACAT

4th-5th: 1 million ACAT

6th-10th: 500k ACAT

NOTE: Once you get all 6 NFT's, reach out to Hamilton with your wallet. He will confirm where you finished but you will be REQUIRED to keep the NFT's in your wallet until the event is over and all prizes are claimed. No prizing will be paid out until the end of the event to prevent someone from winning and then selling their NFT's or sending it to a duplicate wallet. As you finish each event communicate with Hamilton to claim the NFT's.

It's possible we don't get 10 winners due to the buying restrictions. If we don't get 10 winners and all of the rarer NFT's have been claimed, we'll loosen the restrictions or pay out unclaimed ACAT to people who have 4/5 of the 6.

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