AstrocatASA, 12/9/2021 Update

Hey all,

Here is todays update.

Verification: Working on it!

Tinyman: Logo submitted

Tinychart: Logo/Website submitted

Algoexplorer: Logo/Description submitted

We'll send some follow-ups on these out shortly.

Whitepaper: Still working on it! About 6 pages in but still need to proofread, format, etc. Hoping to knock a big chunk of it out this weekend.

Partnerships: Still just the one with Kman! Like we said earlier, we're looking to finish the whitepaper and get verified before we really put the gas on things.

Our next partnership will almost certainly be with someone outside of Algorand. Whether it's a content creator again or a project on a different blockchain.

Why not another ASA?

We're open to doing collaborations with other ASA's, but if we were to partner with another ASA we'd need a good reason to. Most of the partnerships we've seen of other ASA's haven't really been anything productive, just something to announce. With other blockchains, at the bare minimum, we'll be able to reach a crypto adept audience who is likely not invested in Algorand. That alone seems more productive to us than a partnership with another ASA. Again, not against it, but there would need to be discussions!

Airdrops: We airdropped 100,000 Astrocat to anyone who had at least 1.5 million Astrocat. This number was chosen so that anyone who had just been sitting on the first airdrop wasn't included.

We also airdropped 15k to every Astrocat LP provider, with an additional 85k to anyone with more than 1 Algo in the LP.

Rug Pull Rescue: Now closed! It was a big hit and we may bring it back in the future. If you have been rugged, you can always go follow our partner on twitch for an airdrop!

Cat Shelters: We've made up a form to hang up at cat shelters but we aren't going to release it yet. It will have a QR code to our website details about adding and buying Astrocat. Our goal is to get a big cat shelter to work with us and have them help spread the word about us!

Donation Matches: About 13% of the Astrocat set aside for donation matching has been distributed! Keep it up guys! Once the wallet is depleted we can look into options to refill it. We'll touch on it more in the whitepaper as well as a more in-depth look at our long-term tokenomics.

New graphics/logos: We have a few new graphics! We'll use them for some NFT's as well as maybe include them on some merch. For now, it's just a few recolors and Astrocat with a Santa hat. We'll try to get some that differ a bit more in the next week or two!

Future Revenue/Merch/Outreach: In pursuit of our goals to:

A. Increase profits so that money can flow into the LP

B. Expand merch items

C. Reach a wider audience

We'll be opening up an Etsy store and expanding what's offered in the shop. We hope that marketing of the Etsy store will accomplish a few things.

  1. More money that will flow to the LP as a result of more sales

  2. We'll reach a broader audience

If we can get the broader audience that we reach invested in Astrocat, then awesome! If not it is still a big win for us as we spread our name and boost the fundamentals of the coin.

Items will probably trade at a premium in the Etsy shop since Etsy takes a cut.

Airdrop for merch: In combination with above, there will be an airdrop of 100,000 Astrocat (or 2 algos worth of Astrocat, whichever is worth less) for anyone who posts a picture of them showing off some Astrocat merch! Now it doesn't have to include you in it if you aren't comfortable, but it does have to include the merch! You will be able to do it once per item of merch, so if you buy 3 items, you can do it 3 times.

Why are we doing this?

This is a way to airdrop some Astrocat to people actually invested in the project in a way that isn't profitable for someone to do en masse. Anyone who gets this is someone who is involved in the project and just wants to help out. If someone does buy a bunch of merchandise, then they are helping fund the LP!

Volunteer team: Still organizing

Instagram account: We made an Instagram, we haven’t posted yet but we will start shortly.

Twitter: If you haven’t followed our Twitter, please do!

Discord: If you haven’t joined our discord, please do!

Shelved Ideas:

These are a few ideas floating around that have been brought up but we are not currently pursuing. That might change as our resources and outlook change though! If something interests you, mention it!

Physical Astrocat Coin

Reward for volunteering

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