AstrocatASA, 12/6/2021 Update

Hey all,

Here is the Monday update. Please remember these are a bit shorter and aren't as forward-looking as the Thursday updates!

Verification: Working on it!

Tinyman: Logo submitted

Tinychart: Logo/Website submitted

Algoexplorer: Logo/Description submitted

Whitepaper: We'll be writing a more detailed whitepaper. While the whitepaper may be tweaked here and there, this will serve as a more in-depth look at our plans. Not every last detail will be laid out, but it should serve as a solid basis.

Why now?

We're updating it now because we're able to see a bit more what works and what doesn't. It's better to get more experience before laying down a complete groundwork at launch. There are also some partnerships we're pursuing that want to see a more in-depth whitepaper before partnering with us!

Partnerships: We're working on rolling out some merch in collaboration with Kman. There will be some Kman-specific merch and Kman/Astrocat merch. Astrocat will be getting a 50% cut of both! More details will come out as they're finalized, stay tuned. If you missed the partnership details, check the partnership announcement channel on discord.

On a separate note, we have a few projects we've spoken with on partnerships, but we're not looking to finalize anything until the whitepaper is finished and we have some numbers from the Kman partnership we can use as leverage.

2nd airdrop: We'll roll out something this week, we won't airdrop the full 15% left that was dedicated to airdrops. We're going to roll this one over a long period of time, so calling it a second airdrop isn't quite correct. It will be more periodic rewards for LP providers, holders, discord members, Twitter followers, etc.

Rug Pull Rescue: Last Call! Closes tomorrow, 12/7, at midnight EST

Volunteer team: We're getting volunteers added to a discord. Will flesh out roles more in the upcoming week.

Cat Shelters: We're going to get a form made up that can be put at cat shelters and reach out to some cat shelters about having them help us spread our message! The goal here is we can get people who have never heard of ASA's to get an Algorand wallet and add our asset! The cat shelters should be all for it as we'd be giving people who donate to them free crypto, which should get them more donations!

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