AstrocatASA, 12/30/2021 Update

Hey all,

Here is the final update of the year. Instead of looking forward, we'll use this update to take a look back at what we've done this past month. It feels like we've been around a lot longer than a month! Anyway, lets take a look!

Tinychart: Logo and website added

Tinyman: Logo added

Whitepaper: A rough outline was released with the launch of Astrocat and the first full version of the whitepaper was released recently!

Website: The website was launched with the release of Astrocat and updated with the release of the first full version of the whitepaper.

Merch Store: We launched a merch store with the release of Astrocat!

Merch store airdrop: We've been running an airdrop for people who buy Astrocat merch and send us pictures! Check out one below!

First airdrop: We airdropped 1.5 billion Astrocat to about 1100 different wallets!

Follow-up airdrops: We've done small airdrops to holders and LP providers!

Rug-pull rescue: We ran an airdrop to give back to those that had been scammed by other projects.

Cat shelter donation matches: We gave away over 13% of the Astrocat allocated toward donations matches to generous community members!

Twitch streamer partnership: We partnered with a twitch streamer and have been working on integrating his community into the crypto world! We also get a portion of any money he gets that comes from Astrocat!

In addition to the partnership with him, we sponsored a tournament of his and gave out ACAT rewards to his community during his subathon. We have several new ACAT members as a result!

NFT (GCAT) Giveaway: We did a 500 Algo giveaway to someone who bought one of our Green Astrocat NFTs!

Social Media: We got all our different social medias up and running.

Volunteer team: Volunteer team slowly growing and getting more fleshed out!

Additionally, the groundwork is laid for an Etsy store and for reaching out to cat shelters, we just need to kick it off in full after the new year!

The first update(s) of the new year will have all the new things we're kicking off (most of which has been discussed in one form or another) but this is what we've done so far in one short month!

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