AstrocatASA, 12/20/2021 Update

Hey all, here is todays update. Not a whole lot of new things to announce, we'll be trying to tidy up our current things that are in progress and start new things up just after the new year.

Verification: In talks

Tinychart: Followed up

Partnerships: In talks with a few other projects, more info to be announced about our plans once we finalize a partnership with one of them.

Kman Tournament: As part of our partnership with Kman, we sponsored a league tournament of his! There are a few new faces in the discord and I've been working with them on setting up Algorand wallets. Let's welcome them into Algorand!

Green Astrocat: 500 Algos were given out as a prize today to a holder of Green Astrocat. Expect an event announcement in the future that incorporates Green Astrocat into it!

Etsy/Cat Shelter Form: Still hot on the radar, both have most of the back work done on them but we're going to roll them out completely after the new year.

Astrocat Merch Airdrop: On-going!

Volunteer Team: Still growing, reach out if you want to help!

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