AstrocatASA, 12/2/2021 Update

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Hey all,

Here is today's update:

Verification: Working on it!

Partnerships: I’d like to announce that we are finalizing a partnership with a twitch streamer! This partnership is the first step in our strategy to aggressively bring in people from outside the Algorand ecosystem. See details on our twitch partner below.

TheKmanLol is the Cloud9 Training Grounds League of Legends Coach Lead. He mainly streams league of legends, TFT, and he also hosts monthly tournaments called “Kman Cups”. He has

12,000 followers on Instagram

3300 followers on twitch

2100 youtube subscribers

1400 twitter followers

>500 person discord

50% of the profits from this partnership will be paired with some of the reserved liquidity tokens and added to the LP. Details on how the partnership will work (and make Astrocat money) will be posted in a follow-up.

2nd airdrop: We’re breaking the second airdrop into several smaller airdrops. Small drops for LP providers, Holders > 1st airdrop amount, for people who follow our Twitter, for people who are in our discord, etc. We’ll do the first small airdrop next week.

Rug Pull Rescue: On-going! This has been funded from our community wallet. Depending on the profits we get from the merch store and partnerships, we may buy more coins to try to fill the community wallet back up. We still have plenty left to distribute from this wallet, we just want to be forward-looking.

Future Revenue: This partnership is the first step towards adding more revenue streams that will support Astrocat. The more successful this partnership is, the more leverage we’ll have going forward to get good deals with other projects and partners.

Live Q & A: We’ll be doing some form of live Q & A in the near future. We’ll likely run through some pre-planned discussion then take questions.

Boots on the ground at shelters: We’re going to reach out to shelters and educate them about the program we have going on. The idea is to get one of them to advertise for us and we could get more people introduced to Algorand. We’ll start reaching out this weekend.

Volunteer team: We will definitely take on more volunteers. If you have a cat shelter you’d like to see supported, reach out to them about the above and get them in contact with us!

New graphics/logos: Working on new graphics/logos for NFT’s, Merch, etc.

Instagram account: We made an Instagram, we haven’t posted yet but we will start shortly.

Twitter: If you haven’t followed our Twitter, please do!

Discord: If you haven’t joined our discord, please do!

Physical Astrocat Coin: Because people invest in crypto for the physical coins right? We’d want to order a lot but the upfront cost is pretty high. We’ll keep it on our list and see how high interest is. We’d probably sell them for $5-6/coin or so and use them in giveaways and competitions. Let us know if you’d be willing to buy one.

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