AstrocatASA, 12/16/2021 Update

Hey all,

Here is todays update. Not a ton of new stuff, been spending the past few days on the whitepaper!

Verification: Working on it!

Tinyman: Logo is now on there!

Tinychart: Logo/Website submitted

Algoexplorer: Working on it!

Whitepaper: Released! Check it out on our website!

Website: Redesigned with the release of the whitepaper!

Partnerships: Now that the whitepaper is out we're going to press the gas on picking up another partnership. Expect a project outside of Algorand, we'll be reaching back out to several projects and try to continue networking. More info soon.

Airdrops: Will continue at odd intervals and for different things. Expect the unexpected?

Cat Shelters: Will roll out the form after the New Year. Will also look at partnering with a specific shelter to gain exposure.

Donation Matches: About 13% of the Astrocat set aside for donation matching has been distributed! Keep it up guys! Once the wallet is depleted we can look into options to refill it. We'll touch on it more in the whitepaper as well as a more in-depth look at our long-term tokenomics.

Etsy: The account is set up but nothing is listed yet, full launch will likely be after the New Year as we play around with things.

Airdrop for merch: Still on-going! Read the previous update for more details!

Volunteer team: Reach out if you want to volunteer!

Shelved Ideas:

These are a few ideas floating around that have been brought up but we are not currently pursuing. That might change as our resources and outlook change though! If something interests you, mention it!

Physical Astrocat Coin

Reward for volunteering

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