AstrocatASA, 03/17/2022 Update

Hey everyone, here is today's update:

Game: The game is in a comfortable release state. Working on integrating it now. Once its integrated we'll fine-tune things as needed.

Algofaucet: Algofaucet staking has been set up but there is an issue where some users aren't getting the drops. While it gets fixed we'll pause the Algofaucet staking to keep it fair for everyone. ACAT -> ACAT will be 40% APR.

ACAT -> ALGO: Algostake staking is still currently ACAT -> ACAT. Once Algofaucet is running smoothly we will be changing the stake to ACAT -> ALGO. This will be funded by all the different ways we have of bringing in Algo (NFT sales, merch, etc.). We'll adjust the APR as needed to ensure it's sustainable and not burnt through in a few days.

Advertisement: If anyone wishes for us to do any advertisements for their NFT's or something they are selling (no tokens), we'll do it for a small cut or a small amount of Algo. All Algos will go towards ACAT -> ALGO staking.

You're still welcome to use the self-promotion channel but if you want it shouted out then just ask!

LP Staking: LP -> ACAT staking will come once we fix the Algofaucet issue and launch the ACAT -> Algo staking. Will be higher than the APR for holding ACAT. If the LP grows a lot it may get scaled down slightly.

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