AstrocatASA, 03/07/2022 Update

Hey everyone,

I want to take today's update to do a bit of an all-call for any volunteers or people who want to get a bit more involved with Astrocat. This wouldn't be a commitment or something that you would need to be dedicated to, but if there is something you want to pursue with us, we want to pursue it with you! Maybe you want to make an ACAT-inspired NFT collection, be a crypto streamer, write an Algorand blog, or do cat shelter charity work, well we can do it together!

You'd have the freedom to handle things how you want and you'd be pretty independent. You can work at your own pace and step away at any time. We'll be there to support you every step of the way and hopefully build something great together!

We haven't had volunteer work that's been integral to the project, and looking at Akita, that was the right move. We're continuing with that mindset, so any volunteer work won't be ingrained into Astrocat, but more of an addition/partnership with others. If something works out really well the discussion to bring someone on could happen, but we also want to make sure anyone who steps up can always go the direction they want to go. Burnout is a real thing and volunteer work is exactly that, volunteer work.

The goals of trying to expand with some volunteer additions are to:

-Reach a broader audience

-Build our brand

-Advertise Algorand

If you have any ideas, reach out to the team!

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