AstrocatASA, 03/03/2022 Update

Updated: Mar 7

Hey all, here is todays update:

Fireside Chat:

We did a fireside chat/AMA this week with Gnome and the creators of Algopatties and Algo Moonboi in the OGS discord. You can check out the recording here:

A topic that came up was how we would describe our project in a sentence or two. Put simply I would say a project that is focused on introducing users to Algorand. Once the game brings ACAT utility, we'll gain some legitimacy and be able to better introduce people to Algorand.

If anyone hasn't seen Cryptoroyale on the ONE blockchain, I believe they do a good job with this. Feel free to check it out below.

NFT Sale

We have a few NFT's to sell as part of an Astrocat collection! The only other 1/1 NFTs we've done was given out as a prize for the infinity event! The NFT's will be sold for 30 Algo each. Proceeds from the sales will be used for staking and/or a token buyback. Priority to purchase will be given to this with more Astrocat so if you are interested in buying one, reach out with your wallet and which one you want to buy (purchases limited to 1 per person, if you reach out I would suggest reaching out with a second and third choice).

There will be future rewards for holders of the NFT's that are tbd. This can include air drops, NFT staking, or other special things.

Future 1/1 NFT sales will never be cheaper but may be more expensive. As new NFTs are released, they'll be added as reactions/emotes on the discord!

The NFTs are:

Concerned ACAT: 635161747

Strong ACAT: 635165921

ACAT Thumbs Up: 635168227

ACAT Phone: 635171171

Super ACAT: 635182253

We won't show them all here, but check out Concerned ACAT below! We're all him watching the crypto markets the past few months.

Guides: Will have another guide up by the start of next week

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