AstrocatASA, 02/21/2022

Hey everyone,

In todays update I just want to talk a bit about the general direction things have been been going. Compared to the first month or two after launch, there isn't as many new things that are coming out so I think it's a good idea to just touch on it a bit.

On launch there were many small milestones to hit that are inherent to any project on Algorand (getting verified is a good example). That and other milestones were hit right out of the gate. Instead of taking a marketing and advertising approach, the need to expand on utility has become more evident as more projects are built on Algorand.

The need to dominate your niche on Algorand becomes more important as more projects are released. Success breeds competition which forces innovation to stay relevant. You can see this with all of the different NFT marketplaces, different staking options (Yieldly, Algostake, Akita soon), all the charity coins, etc.

This has caused us to focus our attention on more long term utility (the game and the following platform which will then be followed by marketing and ASA focused partnerships). In the short term this means less updates as we focus on building everything instead of preparing new things to release each week. Long term though it will result in more utility and adoption which is what will be necessary to stay competitive in the growing ASA scene!

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