AstrocatASA, 02/11/2022 Update

Hey all,

Here is today's update!

Algostake: ACAT -> ACAT pool was increased to 100% APR in exchange for the early end of holder rewards. Holder rewards will have one final double payout at the end of next week. The APR will be reduced gradually in increments of 8-10% until they reach around 20-30%.

LP staking still in the works but it won't be launched just yet.

LP provider rewards: With staking rewards increasing and the LP staking not immediately coming, LP provider rewards will be increased. This should put them a bit more in line with staking.

30 LP tokens -> 250k/week

50 LP tokens -> 500k/week

Infinity NFT Contest: Will be paid out around the end of the weekend.

11m10 Rugpull Rescue: ACAT has been sent out to a few hundred (I think!) wallets that got rug pulled by 11m10. Many of the wallets were sent 10k ACAT since they only lost an Algo or so. There are still a few submissions to go through though!

If there are more high-profile rug pulls we may do more of these. It's a way to do a good thing and get some marketing!

Marketing: Currently our weak point, it's something we want to kick into high gear when the game is further along. We'd like to have some one on the team who is dedicated to marketing. If that interests you reach out! We'd also just love more community based marketing in general!

Game/Platform: Alpha version of the game is ready to go, we're hoping to get it on the site soon. It won't payout any ACAT or track anything right away but those features will be next.

ACAT will be the initial rewards for the game when it rolls out and we'll work on the platform from there.

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