AstrocatASA, 02/08/2022 Update

Hey all, today's update will be a bit of discussion on our current staking/holding rewards. The current rewards are as follows.

Current Rewards:

Staking: ACAT -> ACAT (75% APR)

Holder rewards: (52 mil plus holders): 200k/week

LP rewards: (30+ LP token holders): 200k/week

With the introduction of staking on Algostake, we propose that the holder rewards be phased out in exchange for an increase in APR on Algostake.

Staking: ACAT -> ACAT (100% APR)

Final Holder Payment: 400k each

LP rewards: Unchanged

Note: We do plan to gradually decrease staking rewards. In the event that we do the current increase, we'll gradually scale back from 100% instead of 75%.

Additionally, we plan to introduce LP staking in the near future. When LP staking is introduced, LP rewards will be phased out and there will be two options we can go with. I personally think option 2 makes more sense, as the ACAT earned from staking will protect against impermanent loss, but I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on each

Option 1:

ACAT -> ACAT (Scale down from ~75-100%)

LP -> ALGO/STBL (~10%?)

Option 2:

ACAT -> ALGO/STBL (~10%?)

LP -> ACAT (Scale down from ~75-100%)

Another note on Algostake, the ACAT team will cover all fees out of pocket for Algostake, but if we provide Algo/STBL as staking rewards, we'll likely set aside some ACAT to sell at a later date to recoup the initial investment. We'd set a few parameters, like we must sell above .00002 ALGO/ACAT (around current ATH), can only sell so many each day, and must remain above the threshold for so long. The staking rewards would essentially serve as a long-term promise and commitment to the project as we would be basically buying ACAT now for about double the current price and selling it at a later date.

Let us know your thoughts on discord!

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