AstrocatASA, 02/03/2022 Update

Hey all,

Here is today's update!

Algostake: We're on Algostake! The pool is ACAT -> ACAT (75% APR). We'll reduce this as time goes on

LP => STBL pool is still on our minds, just waiting a bit longer to make sure everything on Algostake is functioning correctly.

Holder and LP provider rewards: Went out again this week. Holder rewards will be put up to a vote soon whether to keep or get rid of them, if we get rid of them it will probably involve a payout and a temporary staking APR boost.

LP rewards will continue for now, possibly increased depending on when we get an LP staking pool up.

Infinity NFT Contest: Ongoing! 1st-4th have been claimed, we'll wrap it up in a week or so!

Algorand "How to's: We got a few more as bounties! We're proofreading them and will get them on the site soon!

Game/Platform: We aren't going to touch on this every update, we just wanted to announce that it's in the works and we're putting a lot of time and effort into it! We'll make updates on it based on the different milestones we hit on it.

Anything you want to see in the games or in general? Hit us up! Once we have a released game we'll really push marketing. We're waiting until then so that we have better retention.

Anything not mentioned here that we've touched on in the past? There is likely not much of an update on it as we've been focused on the above. Any questions let us know!

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