AstrocatASA, 01/27/2022 Update

Hey all,

Here is today's update!

Algostake: When Algostake is fully up and running we'll go on Algostake. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what pools you want to see. On launch we are thinking of the following:

ACAT -> ACAT (75% APR)

LP -> STBL (10% APR)

Then these could always be adjusted in the future.

Holder and LP provider rewards: First round went out earlier this week, second round will go out this week.

Bounty Board: We added a few bounties this week with the release of our NFT contest, check them out!

Infinity NFT Contest: Ongoing! First and second have been claimed but the rest are still up for grabs!

Website: We've been continually adding new things and improving the look of the website.

Algorand "How to's: We added another one this week on minting an NFT!

Utility: We touched on this a bit last week, we'll make an announcement on what we have in the works hopefully next week. Just want to make sure we're far enough along before we make the announcement!

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