AstrocatASA, 01/17/2022 Update

Hey guys, I want to focus todays update on how we will be re-adding the LP once Tinyman is live again. The Monday updates will be continue to be like this (focused on one or two things) while the Thursday updates stay broader.

One minute after launch: Right when the pools go live we're going to take 70% of the Algo's we currently have and put them in the LP. They'll go in at the price point that is outlined in the manual trading discord channel.

What if someone sets the LP before us?

If someone sets it before us, we will sell into them or buy their Astrocat to adjust the price before adding our LP. This would cause whoever beat us to the punch to either sell their Astrocat underpriced or buy Astrocat overpriced.

12-24 hours after launch: Somewhere 12-24 hours after launch, we will assess where the pool is at. If there has been large buying or sideways trading, we'll add the rest of the LP back to the pool.

If there has been large selling, we'll take about 10% of the total LP and buy Astrocat to raise the price back up. We'll then add the remaining 20%. We're going to do this to avoid any sort of mass selling event right as trading is back online. We don't want a "bank run" so to speak, we want to make sure the community is protected. That doesn't mean we're going to be out there buying every dip, just making sure that we aren't in a free fall.

Note: If the liquidity gets pretty high (>15%) before we add the 30% back, we'll likely hold it back and continue staking it in the Yieldly NLL, re-adding it only when we fall below 15%. We're guessing we won't be at 15% within a day, but we aren't going to hold any of the LP back while we wait days for people to re-add LP. We will, however, hold back the profits that we've started to make from the help service and our partnership, and use those to pursue the plans we talked about in last Monday's update.

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