AstrocatASA, 01/14/2022 Update

Hey all,

Here is today's update! We've been focused on rolling out the help service and the how to's this past week.

Verification: We got verified last week! This should let us kick certain things into high gear, such as collaborations and partnerships.

Collaborations: Just mentioned this but we're going to try to do several collaborations with other ASA's. Not a full on partnership, but a one time thing working with other projects to see how it goes!

Holder and LP provider rewards: No change, see last Thursdays update

Etsy Store: No change, see last Thursdays update

Off-chain partnerships: No change, see last Thursdays update

Kman partnership: No change, see last Thursdays update

Bounty Board:

Up and running (ish)! It's on discord for now but we're going to get it on the website as now. We have a few more things to add to it but we're already seeing a few takers! As mentioned, we want this to be a way for everyone to contribute to the success of the project!

Infinity NFT Contest: No change, see last Thursdays update

Airdrop for merch: Still ongoing!

Cat Shelters: No change, see last Thursdays update

Algorand "How to's: We've started rolling them out. We have the one on the website, a few in the works, and a few we had sent to us. We'll get them up soon! We want our website to be THE place to go for Algorand how to's.

Plans for Yieldly earned from staking the LP?: There was a dedicated post about it, we'll talk more as Tinyman is about to come back up!

ASA Help Service: We've had a few bites! We haven't officially rolled everything out publicly yet but we will in the coming days. We'll see how these test runs go and if everything goes smooth, we'll do a full release with more details and available services on its own page on our website.

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