AstrocatASA, 01/06/2022 Update

Hey all,

Here is today's update regarding our plans for the next few weeks.

Verification: Continuing to follow up, it's on the top of our list! Per Algorand the process is very backed up.

Holder and LP provider rewards: Both sets of rewards are delayed until Tinyman is back up and running. LP is delayed for obvious reasons but the holder rewards are delayed in case there are people who were unable to buy or had to sell to free up the Algo due to the Tinyman exploit. We don't want to punish people who don't currently qualify but would have qualified had the exploit not happened.

For the holder rewards, we aren't going to extend how long they go on (they will still run for all of 2022) but we will double the rewards weekly until we catch back up with the promised amount.

For the LP rewards, we'll just institute them as normal once Tinyman is back up.

Etsy Store: We plan to get the Etsy store up and running soon.

Off-chain partnerships: We're targeting a few projects on other blockchains for our next partnerships, we'll be having some meetings in the near future to talk things over and see if the partnerships would be a good fit. We want the partnerships to be mutually beneficial and not just be something to announce for the sake of it.

Kman partnership: We're hoping to get the collaboration merch out this month. Stay tuned on that. We'll also report how much money we pulled in so far as a project. The money earned will be split between LP and some future plans.

Bounty Board:

We'll be rolling out a bounty board out shortly for people in the community who want to do work for Astrocat. Included but not limited to will be the following:

Getting us contacts for partnerships

Astrocat game


NFT/Graphic Designs

Video creation

Resources in other languages/Localized promo materials

If anything interests you or you have an idea, reach out! We'll put up some ballpark numbers for certain things but they will be negotiable, especially depending on the level of work (a graphic design could take 5 minutes, or a few hours for example).

Reach out if something interests you, many of the things will require a bit more communication.

Infinity NFT Contest: We're going to have an NFT contest, there will be 6 "Infinity Astrocats" and the first person to collect all 6 will win a few prizes! At a minimum, the prizes will be:

20 million Astrocat, paid out in 5 million increments/week

Exclusive NFT

The Green Astrocat is one of the 6, the others will be up for grabs in various contests and giveaways! Like GCAT, there may be some airdrops for certain NFT's in addition to the main prize!

Airdrop for merch: Still ongoing!

Cat Shelters: We'll be looking for a partnership with a cat shelter. Part of it will go hand in hand with some of the how to's mentioned below. We'll want more resources for learning the Algorand ecosystem if we take on a big partnership with an organization.

Algorand "How to's: We'll be writing some short articles about how to do certain things on Algorand. The how to buy is an example but pretty broad. We're thinking more in-depth articles about different things ie: Minting NFTs, Creating a token, etc.

Plans for Yieldly earned from staking the LP?: There will be a dedicated update talking about this subject and future plans that relate to this. Expect it within the next week or so.

ASA Help Service: Something we plan to institute once we are verified. We will go into more detail about it in the dedicated update mentioned above as they are somewhat related.

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