Astrocat ASA, 12/23/2021 Update

Hey all,

Before I get into the bulk of the update, I want to let everyone know that there will not be an update this upcoming Monday, 12/27/2021, due to the holidays. The next update will be on 12/30/2021. Also, a few things in this update I just copy and pasted because nothing has changed, but I felt it was important to include.

As mentioned in the last update, we'll be trying to tidy up our current things that are in progress the rest of this year and start new things up just after the new year.

Verification: Working on it!

Algoexplorer Verification: Working on it!

Regarding both of the verifications, we are talking with people at Algorand and Algoexplorer regarding verification but with it being the holidays, we have no idea on when more progress will be made. We all just need to be patient.

Tinychart: Logo/Website are now on there!

Partnerships: We'll be meeting with some projects outside of Algorand to discuss partnerships after the new year. More details will come if any of these come to fruition.

Kman Partnership: We've done a few things with him, we plan to have stuff planned out a bit more ahead of time come January. I'd guess around 20 discord members who are now somewhat involved with Algorand and our project. Even if they just make a wallet to sit on some Astrocat, that's the first step!

Profit from store/partnership: In one of the January updates we'll discuss some of the money made from different sources and will get it added to the LP!

Cat Shelters: Will roll out the form after the New Year. Will also look at partnering with a specific shelter to gain exposure.

Etsy: The account is set up but nothing is listed yet, full launch will likely be after the New Year as we play around with things.

Airdrop for merch: Still on-going!

Volunteer team: Reach out if you want to volunteer!

Shelved Ideas:

These are a few ideas floating around that have been brought up but we are not currently pursuing. That might change as our resources and outlook change though! If something interests you, mention it!

Physical Astrocat Coin

Reward for volunteering

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