Astrocat ASA, 12/13/2021 Update

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Hey all,

Before we get into the update, I do want to mention that we won't be making these big announcements or updating everyone about things we're pursuing that aren't an inevitability. It's something I've seen a lot of ASA's do to try to create hype. In the short term it works, but in the long term, it has negative effects.

For instance, I'll talk about how we're working on verification, submitting our logo, etc. because even if the process takes a while, those things should get done eventually.

What I won't touch on really are things like Algorand grants, partnerships, etc that while we are looking at, it's not 100% up to us whether these things happen.

Why won't we make big announcements on these?

We won't make a huge deal out of applying for something or reaching out to someone as it's not really news. Anyone can apply for a grant or reach out to Yieldly. Then when the process inevitably takes weeks, people will want answers. So if people ask we may touch on things here and there, but otherwise we probably won't mention anything until it's concrete.

Anyways, onto today's update!

Follow-ups: Follow-ups were sent out regarding verification, tinyman, tinychart, algoexplorer.

Whitepaper: Still working on it! It's a lot of technical writing and going to be more structured than the other ASA whitepapers I've seen. I want people to be able to explain Astrocat just by reading the whitepaper and be able to go in-depth on things. Fewer buzz words and more detail.

The infographic I shared this past weekend is a snippet and something that will be included.


The Etsy store will be launched this week. We'll try to market it as a stand-alone thing and get an Etsy following. As the store following grows we'll be able to bring some of them into our community and into Astrocat. Even if they don't make the jump, every purchase will still add to the Astrocat LP!

Merch airdrop is also live for anyone who sends us or posts a picture of Astrocat merch. 100,000 Astrocat or 2 algos worth, whichever is worth less.

Algo Contest/Giveaway

We'll be doing a giveaway this week, with Astrocat NFT's entering you into the giveaway. There will be 500 NFT's and they will be 2 Algos each. Each NFT sale will result in 1 Algo going into the LP and 1 Algo going towards the prize pool. The prize can be claimed as Algo or Astrocat.

The drawing will be done on 12/20/21 and anyone with the NFT in their wallet at this time will be entered.

You can now message Hamilton to buy the NFT! They will be manually sold via discord for the next 24 hours before listing them on AB2. This way, the community has first dibs. No limit on how many someone can buy. If there aren't enough to go around, we will adjust for any future giveaways! The giveaway reward will be 500 Algos/Astrocat equivalent regardless of how many are sold.

NFT info is below.

Asset: 465524258

Currently held in the Astrocat creator wallet.


You can send 2 algos to this wallet to buy a ticket.

These are the main plans for this week! We'll touch on more things on Thursday!

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