How to Connect Your Algorand Mobile Wallet to Your MyAlgo Wallet

1. Create your Algorand Mobile Wallet, check here for support:


2. Navigate to which will prompt you to create a new account.

       a. Create a password, this password will be used on this device specifically.


3. Select Import Phrase


4. Input your Mnemonic Phrase from your existing Algorand Mobile wallet as given when you created your mobile wallet.


Now your Algorand Mobile Wallet has been connected to your MyAlgo wallet!



● In order to view NFTs using or your NFTs must be connected to a MyAlgo wallet.


● MyAlgo wallet appears to have less issues than the Algorand mobile wallet when interacting with Defi apps like Yieldly ( and Tinyman ( So you can follow these steps and use MyAlgo wallet on your mobile device in your browser to ensure compatibility!


● Once you have put in your seed phrase on a device, it will no longer ask for it again unless you have cleared your cache in your browser.


● Your password is unique to the device you are logging in to MyAlgo wallet from so you can have a separate password for your phone/laptop!