Astrocat Bounty Board

Check in as things will be added regularly!

Donate to a cat shelter and share proof of donation with

BOUNTY: $ Match of the donation in ACAT (up to $100)

Write a [how to guide] for something on Algorand that we have not written, must include pictures, see the Guides tab above for what we have done and for examples.

BOUNTY: 500k ACAT per article

Get us in contact with a project that we form a partnership with (crypto project, content creator, etc). You must know the person you connect us with and provide an advantage for getting the partnership, don’t just spam us discord links. Non Algorand contact please

BOUNTY: 1 - 5 million ACAT 

Create Astrocat/Algorand resources in other languages. The amount will vary depending on the resource, no google translate, please.


Make an Astrocat animation using our logo! Amount paid out will be based on the animation quality.