Creating a Token on Algorand

We’re going to walk you through creating your very own token on Algorand in just a few short steps! Just make sure you have a bit of Algo in your wallet to cover transaction fees!



1. Navigate to

Once you’re there, click on “Open Application”


2. After clicking on “Open Application” click on “Connect Wallet” and scan the QR code using your Algorand wallet. If you have multiple wallets, make sure that you select the wallet you want to create the asset with.


3. After connecting your wallet, you’ll want to click on create asset.

4. After clicking on create asset, you’ll be prompted to fill out the following asset details.

● Name: The name of your asset (ie. Astrocat)

● Unit Name: The ticker for your asset (ie. ACAT)

● Total supply: The total supply of your token

● Decimals: How many decimals your token has (A token with 0 decimals can be traded in increments of 1, a token with 1 decimal can be traded in increments of 0.1, etc).

● Url: The website for your asset.

● Metadata hash: Allows 32-bytes of arbitrary data storage.

● Manager: The address that can manage the configuration of the asset as well as destroy it.

● Reserve: The address that holds the non-minted tokens of the asset

● Freeze: The address that can freeze the asset

● Clawback: The address that can clawback the asset

NOTE: All of these asset details, apart from the manager, reserve, freeze, and creation wallet addresses are immutable.. That means that after the creation of a token, they cannot be changed.


By default, the manager, reserve, freeze, and clawback wallet are all the creation wallet.


5. Once you have carefully decided on your asset details, click create and you’re finished! Your token is officially made and will be sent to the creation wallet