Creating a NFT on Algorand

We’re going to walk you through creating your very own NFT on Algorand in just a few short steps! Just make sure you have a bit of Algo in your wallet to cover transaction fees!



Have the image file ready that you want to turn into a NFT.

This can be a .png, .jpeg etc.

Create an account on Pinata Cloud

Navigate to the files tab.

Select upload and upload the image you would like to make a NFT. We recommend naming the file the same name of the NFT for organizational purposes. 







Copy the IPFS CID string by clicking the small black icon to the right of it. Save this as it will be needed later.







Click on the file you just created. Make sure it displays correctly. Copy the URL that appears in your browser. You will need this later.


Add the Google Chrome extension AlgoSigner and ensure that the AlgoSigner icon is visible on your Chrome bar.

In Algodesk, select open application. 

Select connect wallet (make sure MainNet is selected!).

Select AlgoSigner, this is how you will fund the transaction.


Note: Other wallets can be used, for the purpose of this guide, we are using AlgoSigner.

In Algodesk, select the "create asset" button.

In the "Name" field type whatever you wish to call your NFT. 

In the "Unit Name" field, put what you wish to call your unit. For example, Astrocat is "ACAT". Algorand is "ALGO".

In the "Total Supply", put the quantity you would like to create. If you only want to create 1, put 1. If you want to make 100, put 100(This can be any amount). This will be the total amount of the NFT that will be created.


Keep "decimals" at 0.


In the "Asset URL" field, paste the URL you copied when you opened the NFT to view it.


In the "Metadata Hash", paste the IPFS CID from your image in Pinata Cloud.



We STRONGLY recommend turning off "Freeze" and "Clawback" as this will discourage people from buying the NFT if you plan on selling it.